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From the preparation, collaboration and participation of the three companies namely RINA Academy Philippines Inc., Elburg Shipmanagement Phils. Inc. & Augustea Ship Manning Philippines Inc., headed by Managing Director, Capt. Nicolo Terrei, a mini crew conference happened last 11th to 13th of July 2018.

The said event was attended by seafarers, principals & shipowners including employees of the three companies. The event is divided into two parts which are specific to Bulk Vessels and Tanker Vessels managed by the two manning agencies.

The aim of the event is to update our dear guests on the new regulations and changes on the shipping industry. Morning session for both two days are focus on the following topics: Updates on the Competency Management System (CMS); Web Portal Changes; EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Privacy Act of 2012(DPA) and the Company Performance vs the Worldwide Shipping Benchmarks. On the afternoon session it tackled Resilience Awareness, New Rule on EU-Monitoring, Reporting and Verification(MRV); Tanker Management Self Assessment(TMSA)3 and SIRE Report.

They also have the chance to meet with their respective principals to discuss things related to the vessel, crew comments and other related company matters.The event was very successful as the guests including our seafarers and principals had gained enough knowledge that they can use in their day to day activities on board and ashore the vessel.



Capt. Nicolo Terrei, Managing Director of RINA Academy Philippines, is featured on the Safety4SeaLog-May 2018 for providing a feedback in the ‘Resilience Watch’ special column answered the question “What are the key drivers & barriers towards developing a resilient culture across the industry?”

As stated by Capt. Terrei “Training is vital part of the human resource development & current events have proven why it’s necessary for the crew progress. Key drivers towards developing resilient culture could be: Company commitment to the resilient culture program; Better ship to shore communication regarding implementation of resilient culture; Building recreational activities to reduce crew’s anxiety; Superiors resilience counselling with juniors. On the contrary, barriers could be: Multi-nationality cultures & different views for resilient culture; The financial cost on investing in a resilient culture program; Lack of cooperation & self-confidence to consult problems to supervisors. Therefore, company’s commitment should include allocation of funds to support seafarer’s welfare onboard”.



The academy headed by Managing Director, Capt. Nicolo Terrei, welcome representatives from Polembros Shipping Ltd., Capt. Leonidas Kiopektzis (Vetting Manager/Deputy DPA) and Irene Glypti (Crew Manager).

Capt. Terrei gave a site tour with the academy's facilities from faculty and classroom areas, CBT and Assessment Rooms including the simulator equipment dedicated to Bridge, Engine, LCHS and ECDIS training.

A brief introduction of the academy including its accreditation and services (Competency Management System, Career Development Plan, Cadetship Training Program, STCW Courses and the In-house Training Courses)provided thru website and web portal.


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